Welcome to the
World Championship in
Flycasting 2024!

Åhus, August 19-25

Starting in early April, you can find the latest information about the World Flycasting Championship 2024 on our website here. The registration deadline is June 12, and the deadline for paying the participation fee is June 19.

Information, costs and how to apply







Competition events:

Competition rules:

How to apply: 

International Casting Sport Federation (ICSF)

Swedish Casting Federation

Monday, 19th to Sunday, 25th of August 2024

Åhus Beach, Kristianstad

All members of ICSF and invited guests

Four classes: a) Men, b) Women, c) Veteran Men and d) Veteran Women

Trout Accuracy, Trout distance, Seatrout Distance, Salmon Distance,

Spey Distance 15.1’ and Spey Distance 16/18’

Current ICSF rules for Flycasting,


Fill in the registration formular, http://form.jotform.com/240785358989378

All national organizations under ICSF/CIPS may take part in the World Championship.

  • Each nation can participate with maximum 8 casters in each event (men and women),
    and 4 casters in each event in the veteran classes.
  • World Championships can only be carried out if at least 6 nations participate, in the
    men division, and 3 nations participate in the divisions of the veterans, ladies
    and men.

  • Arranging an event requires a minimum of 10 participants in the men’s class,
    8 in the ladies’ and veteran’s class in total, from a minimum of 3 countries (per class).

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine - all Russian/Belarusian athletes is banned from participation

at ICSF international championships in 2024.

Cost of participation

5 500 SEK per person. Cost for participants includes 6x breakfast, 5x dinner,

banquet Saturday, and entry fee for participation.

Family and followers are welcome to join and buy the meal package, which includes

the Banquet, for 2 275 SEK. The Banquet will be celebrated on Saturday, 25th of August,
at Åhus Resort.


For international participants, we recommend you to book your flight to Copenhagen
Airport, Denmark. From there, a direct train will take you to Kristianstad in
approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will be picked up at the station in Kristianstad.


Participants are obliged to follow the ICSF anti-doping rules and internationally
acknowledged regulations on doping settled by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Contact and questions

Should you have any inquiries or require additional details, please don’t hesitate
to reach out:

Lise-Lotte Janson, Secretary General, The Swedish Casting Federation

Email: liselotte.janson@casting.rf.se

Phone: +46 708 22 12 71

Tournament committee

Esa Raudasvirta, Mårten Wall, Linnea Morild.

Media and PR

For media inquiries Inger Söderholm. Further details about additional members and the chief judge will be announced in due course.

We’re excited to welcome you to Skåne and Åhus for an unforgettable championship experience.
See you in Sweden!

With best regards,

Linnea Morild
President, The Swedish Casting Federation